'CarMag App | Mobile design'


Challenge: Create a promotional Formula 1, user-friendly mobile app with constantly updated content and an interactive component. Solution: We created a cross-platform mobile app that is slick, fun and easily navigable with strong visuals and an emphasis on news and content. We …

Saatchi & Saatchi Purpose

NEWS - 20 Feb 2014

This video encapsulates who we are – our reason for being. Dreams and world-changing, transformational ideas are at the heart of what we stand for. Our goal is to fill the world with Lovemarks and to become Agency of the …

Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize Launch Party: #BigLoveBigData

NEWS - 18 Feb 2014

Our launch party was an incredible event which attracted a number of industry mega-minds, valued clients and media giants. Celebrating the union of creative mystique and digital prowess, Big Love and Big Data merged with style. Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize …

'Champions of Engineering'


Challenge: In South Africa, Technical Universities are seen as inferior to their traditional University Counterparts. We wanted to challenge this perception and re-open the debate. Idea: A digital campaign was centred on a participatory installation aimed at driving PR. The campaign comprised …

Christmas at Saatchi

NEWS - 18 Feb 2014

For Christmas, 2013, we decided that going to the beach was too easy… so we brought the beach to us instead. Literally. We ordered truckloads of sand, paddle pools, deck chairs and cocktails and turned our parking lot into a …

'Phil the Legend'


Challenge: One in two men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). The lack of confidence experienced by these men prevents them from talking about it. Legally we weren’t allowed to communicate the product name in traditional media. Idea: We created a …


Thank you Tata, for the courage, the wisdom, the kindness and compassion you taught us. #RestInPeaceNelsonMandela http://t.co/DbPz9BxRdr

'Rovos Rail | SEO + Content Strategy'


Challenge: The key was to understand Rovos Rail’s vision, taking what they’re passionate about and translating that into SEO ranking content, with the intent of exposing a new target audience to their luxury brand. The content on their site was extremely …



Challenge: Based on the insight that ‘missing out’ due to colds and flu is frustrating and that it stops the Go Generation from doing the things they enjoy most, our communication challenge was to make Efferflu C the difference between having …


Six new ads to watch in @creativereview including funny new 'I will Survive' VH1 campaign from Del Campo Saatchi http://t.co/HeCfTv3XY5

Saatchi Synergize Blog

Facebook’s latest edition: The Call To Action Button

Facebook recently introduced the Call To Action Button (CTA) to organic posts and ads. Why is this a big deal? It helps with click-through rates, cuts the pressure of putting CTA’s in thumbnail images and is easy to apply. How to create a Facebook CTA post Set up a Facebook Power Editor account – a...

'Prime Meridian | PPC'


Challenge: Insurance is a phenomenally competitive industry within South Africa and, as a result, Adwords keyword bids within this field are incredibly expensive. Other insurance companies have built up stronger, trusted brands with greater presence and are better known in South …

'Careers24 | SEO'


Challenge: In essence, the major issue was that the native functionality and structure of the site was not SEO-friendly and the website was built in such a way that the site did not mirror what people were searching for. Solution: The key …

'Sotheby’s | Website Design'


Challenge: To redevelop the Sotheby’s website from the ground up, focusing on UX, design and the restructuring of content. Solution: The website’s sophisticated design is modern, streamlined and easily navigable, enabling people to locate real estate fitting their exact specifications. Through copious …