10 Brands you should be following on Instagram

Instagram has changed everything. Think about it for a second, if you’re an active Instagrammer (and by that I mean someone who posts pictures or checks it a few times a week) then you’ll know what I mean.

For most people, grabbing a cup of coffee now requires a photo shoot, no cute animal is safe from having a smartphone shoved in its furry little face and EVERY sunset has to be documented – don’t ask me why, they just do. We spend countless minutes agonising over the perfect filter, checking and rechecking our likes, our followers all the while scanning the environment for our next shot.

Although the birth of this app has turned us into an overly snap-happy society and given narcissism free reign (complete with a hashtag), it has also given us a glimpse into the inner workings of some of our favourite Lovemarks. If you’re feeling generous with your double taps, throw some towards these brands that are hitting the nail on the head.


NikeNike Instagram account

In true Nike style, this account showcases feats of athleticism complete with killer one liners that will inspire one to get up and do something. Even if it’s to just take a walk.

OreoFollow Oreo Cookie on Instagram

Oreo has taught us to never underestimate the social power of a cookie. Packed with great recipes, whimsical campaigns and helpful videos, you can have fun with this one for hours.

GoProCheck out GoPro on Instagram

If you thought a GoPro was nifty before, wait until you see the pictures on here! Awesome people doing even more awesome things – cue the adrenalin rush.

StarbucksPhotoss on Starbucks Instagram account

Some people love it, others hate it; wherever you stand there’s no denying that Starbucks is doing some fresh and funky things with their coffee on Instagram!

MTVThe MTV account on Instagram

The MTV Instagram takes celebrity gossip to a whole new level. There are video news snippets, crazy collages as well as celeb throwback Thursday pics. Fun times.


Woolworths SAWoolworths on Instagram

No doubt one of South Africa’s favourite brands, the Woolies Instagram account is full of fresh food ideas, great specials, fashion videos and more.

South African TourismMeet South Africa Instagram

It’s completely mindboggling that this account doesn’t have more followers. Showcasing incredible pictures from people and places around South Africa, it will make you want to play tourist in your own city. Go follow people.

YuppiechefThe Yuppiechef Instagram account

Bringing South Africa together over a mutual love of good food – what could be better than that? Learn how to use products, find recipe inspiration and catch up with the peeps at Yuppiechef HQ.

Nifty250The Nifty250 Instagram page

This little self-funded start-up has grown in leaps and bounds – just like their social media! Give them a follow for a mix-and-match of creative content and watch as the account gets taken over by different people on weekends.

Big ConcertsPictures from Big Concerts

You’ve seen some of your favourite bands live and now you can drool over some incredible close-ups and backstage snaps. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be in one of their crowd shots?

Do you have any Instagram favourites that we should know about? Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and give us a follow on Twitter (@BigLoveBigData), so we can keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the social mediasphere

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