14 signs hipsters are taking over your Advertising Agency




1. Meetings with clients are described as “a vibe”.



2. So is your craft beer client.

giphy (2)


3. Previous pitch docs are being referred to as “bespoke”.

giphy (3)


4. While Account Directors describe your hard work as something that rocks harder than the sandwich they had for lunch.

giphy (4)


5. Flat caps are worn in dry run meetings.

giphy (6)


6. And you’re being added on Snapchat as a “friend” by a Performance Director.

giphy (8)

7. Only to have you pitch it to clients because they can’t figure it out.

giphy (5)


8. When the office filter coffee is “not a vibe”, but take away coffee runs are.

giphy (9)


9. And a barber comes to the agency because it’s that convenient for the men. And the women.

giphy (10)


10. Just for them to all look similar.

giphy (12)


11. And talk about their startups.

giphy (16)


12.  Whose logo can look like anything from a sock monkey to an anchor, or crossed arrows.

giphy (1)


13. Only to rock up at your office on the side of a food truck.

giphy (17)


14. That serves slow roasted pulled pork to match their e-cigarette flavour.

giphy (20)


Written and compiled by: Madré Roothman

Twitter: @MadreRoothman

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