20 signs you work in social media

No matter how long you’ve been in the digital battlefield that is social media, you will have experienced a handful, if not all, of these things.

1. You check your clients’ social media more than your own.

And when you do log into your own accounts, you’re so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of notifications that you log straight back out again.

2. You’re never logged into your own social media accounts.


3. Thus, posting from the wrong account is a legit fear.

This causes more sleepless nights than people know.

4. You can remember every client’s countless numerical, alphabetical, asterix-infused passwords.

Except your own.


5. As well as every obscure ‘national’ day.

Forget Christmas and Valentine’s Day – National Cupcake Day is where it’s at!

 6. Posting on your own social media isn’t simple anymore.

“This picture isn’t square. I need to make it square. Is the text too long? The text is too long. Which Hashtag should I use? Is it the best time to post this kind of post…”

7. You can spot something that doesn’t fit the ‘20% rule’ a mile away.

And openly judge those who can’t.


8. You have Apps for days.

If it helps you post/schedule/crop/filter/monitor then you have it.

9. Platform updates make (or break) your day.

Instagram advertising – yay! Facebook algorithm change – boo.

10. You deeply feel this ecard.


11. You have a speech ready for when people ask what you do.

No I do not just sit on Facebook all day…

12. You carry a portable phone charger around wherever you go.

As well as a back up.

13. There’s no such thing as enough data.

All the data!

14. Free wifi is everything.

And it’s the first thing you ask about whenever you get anywhere.


15. You can ‘delete and ban’ a user without a second glance.

Because who has time for trolls?

16. You have downloaded and created accounts for every social media app.

And probably don’t even use half of them.

17. You can get away with reading blogs at work.

It’s all research, okay?

18. You talk about Mark Zuckerburg like you’re besties.

If only he’d consult you before he made his updates.

19. You start social media complaints with an apology to the community manager.

It’s not their fault and let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

20. You see a brand going through a PR nightmare and sympathise.

But you’re also grateful it’s not you.


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