Britney video

In celebration of the fact that we recently reached 3000 likes on our Facebook page, we decided to reflect on the significance of the number 3. Apart from being the name of the iconic hit that signified Britney Spears’ comeback, it also yields some fascinating meanings, many of which we look forward to embracing in the coming months:

1.) Creativity

Generally, 3 denotes inspiration, talent, communication and imagination. We couldn’t think of anything more fitting, considering the industry we’re in and all.

2.) Growth

The number 3 is symbolic of moving forward, overcoming dualities and the mundane, and the manifestation of visions. We’re excited about this one – the only way is up!

3.) Evolution

This little digit also signifies a sense of evolution and advancement. Ooh, what could this possibly mean for Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize?

We simply cannot wait to see what the future holds now that we’ve reached this milestone. One thing is for certain, though: you can keep up with our creativity, growth and evolution on our Facebook page, which we’ll be sure to update every day.

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