A bit more about our Head of Social, Giuliana Schoeman.

A natural entertainer, social media and marketing professional, and all round talented lady. Meet our Head of Social, Giuliana Schoeman.

Giuliana Schoeman Synergize

Let’s start with the basics, what did you study and why?

I’ve always had an interest in the role strategy and marketing plays in the business world. I studied a BA in Corporate Communication.

Looking back now though, everything truly valuable I’ve learnt has been in the ‘business world’ from my working experience, and most certainly not a text book.

When you meet someone new, and they ask you to explain what is you do for a living, what do you say?

I simply answer ‘I work in social media’. It always results in either one of two answers a) ‘oh that’s so cool!’ or ‘yes, that’s become a big thing hasn’t it?’

What does a ‘typical day at work’ look like for you?

Before 09:00 am: Coffee. Cigarette. Greeting the team and having a few laughs about what happened yesterday or a cool campaign we ‘need to see right this minute’.

The rest of the day consists of meetings, brainstorms, advising some of the team members on how to tackle briefs, reviewing work, creating strategies, cost estimates and of course, a lot of email!

You clearly love what you do. Why do you love social media?

Social media satiates a humans fundamental need of connection. The need to be ‘in the know’, to be united with families, to rekindle long lost friendships and of course, to cure boredom while you’re in the queue at home affairs. What’s not to love?

And your absolute favourite part of your job?

I love the ability to show my clients that we can effectively tackle business challenges with social media.

That being said, why do you feel it is important for most companies and brands to establish a strong social presence?

Brands that practice effective social media marketing reap the rewards of:

  • Website traffic in the form of your social platforms and increased SEO value on Google
  • Affordable reach – enough said
  • The ability to communicate with a range of highly segmented consumer profiles
  • The ability to meaningfully engagement with your customers
  • Insights on what your product or services’ strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities are. Studying the types of interactions your customers are having with you is data that can be turned into valuable business intelligence.
  • I’m scared I’ll bore you, so this is officially the last bullet point

That said, social media is not for every brand/ business. Be careful to consider if the additional platform would be truly beneficial to your target market and, if you have the resources to truly engage your audience.

Go big or go home.

Very thorough, thanks! But, what is the biggest misconception people have about working in social media?

There are a few, like any industry. Ours would center around that social media marketing is easy and quick to do. In truth we are hustling daily to catch the attention of consumers whose attention spans are like goldfish…

If you think about it, with the dominance of mobile usage, we’ve got literally a finger swipe to catch you.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from today?

If I’d like Mark Zuckerberg to be my dog walker. Would you say I’m shooting too far?

HAHAHA! Not at all, thanks Giuls.

Follow Giuliana on Twitter @giulianas83. (She says you can expect about four great tweets a year from her account)


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