A White Christmas vs A Green Christmas

The silly season is upon us people. In less than a week we will be gathering around that tree, exchanging gifts and consuming way too much food (and other things, namely that of the alcohol variety…) I have only ever experienced a summer Christmas and it got me thinking about how celebrating in a colder climate may affect one’s celebrations. I’ve compiled a short list of comparison below for your enjoyment:

1) Snow vs Sun,Sun,SUN

Yes, playing in the fluffy white stuff can be fun, but if you ask me, the novelty soon wears off. I would much rather spend my time basking in the glorious sunshine while sipping my cold beverage of choice, than spend hours in the freezing snow building a snowman and making snow angels. I can’t really see the appeal of numb fingers and toes.

Snow: 0 Sun:1


2) Gaudy Christmas Sweater vs Itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-bikini

Itchy, scratchy and downright oog-ly! Apologies to all those people who look forward all year long to wearing these fashion abominations. If you have grown up with your family donning Christmas sweaters sporting a 3D Rudolph or magical green and red argyle pattern, then I can understand why you would feel the overwhelming desire to own one. I, on the other hand, have no interest in owning or wearing one, now or ever. Pretty bikinis – now those I have no issue with.

Christmas Sweater: 0 Bikini: 1

ugly Christmas sweater

3) Mulled Wine vs an Ice-Cold Beer

This is a tough one. Mulled wine definitely has its charms – the sweet aromas of cinnamon, cloves and orange, that warm sensation you feel in your belly after a few sips… It really is Christmas in a cup! No argument there. However, no one ever said no to a yummy, summery cocktail or an ice-cold beer to quench that thirst. In all fairness though, I think my friend gluvine takes the gold here, not only because it is really delicious, but because it is quintessentially Christmas.

Mulled wine: 1 Cocktails/Ice-Cold Beer: 0

mulled wine

4) Al Fresco Dining vs Snuggles by the Fireplace

Another toughie. Enjoying the warmth from the crackling fire while you dig into your gammon and sip your Merlot doesn’t sound like a terrible way to spend Christmas Day. On the other hand though, feeling the cool breeze on my face as I sip champers on the patio and watch the kids frolic in the pool also doesn’t sound too awful… Don’t feel there’s a clear winner here folks.

Al Fresco: 1 Fireplace Snuggles: 1

Christmas decorations

A summery Christmas in the sun is all I know but I can see the appeal of celebrating inside, all nice and cosy, surrounded by cute decorations, polo necks and a raging fire. It has to be said that the warm colours of red, green and gold do tend to lend themselves better to a winter-themed Christmas, but I guess I am an eternal fan of summer and couldn’t imagine Christmas any other way. Whether it’s hot or cold, the traditions tend to remain the same everywhere: cheesy Christmas tunes courtesy of Mariah Carey, gifts aplenty, a festooned tree, hand-picked decorations, way too much food and of course, lots of festive cheer.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. 2014 is going to be beautiful.

Image credits: bucks.happeningmag.com, www.collectorsweekly.com, www.videojug.com, www.myunva.com

Featured image: inquisitivebird.wordpress.com


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