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PPC was never something I saw myself enjoying, let alone it becoming my profession. A few years back, I had never even heard of cost per click, cost per acquisition or click through rates. To be honest, the world of digital was rather foreign to me.

When applying for my first PPC job, many of my characteristics were a perfect fit for the role: creative, smart, organised and a multi-tasker. However, I soon discovered that a few of the qualities that make up a great PPC campaign manager were also far out of my comfort zone. Despite this, I still manage to surprise myself every day. Here are some of the personal struggles that have now become triumphs in my job role:

Amy Bryson PPC Campaign Manager

BIG Decision Making

Being challenged with real time problems that require educated and informed solutions is something that a PPC campaign manager faces on a daily basis. Do I increase my client’s bids to outbid aggressive competitors? Do I test out a new feature and hope it leads to an increase in sales? Should I launch an A/B test on my client’s website? As my experience and skills grow, I find myself being able to make these big decisions quicker and more confidently.

But decision-making in my personal life? Not so much the case. Over-analysing, procrastinating, continual weighing up of pros and cons are just some of the battles I face, with even the simplest of things. Do I buy the beige or black boots? Get a blueberry muffin or chocolate croissant? Should I cut my hair short and just get a trim? I’ve once been left at the grocery store because after 20 minutes I still couldn’t decide which biscuits would be best to dunk in my tea: Jolly jammers or rusks? It’s an area of my life that still needs some work (ok, ok… a lot of work) but I’m hoping that as more time passes, confident and fast decision-maker Amy will make more of an appearance in my personal life too.

Strict Budget Control

Clients trust me with their online advertising budget each month – I, in short, am the Budget Keeper. With this budget, I aim to increase sales at a cheaper cost than the previous month, while still remaining competitive and achieving a positive ROI. Thanks to detailed excel spreadsheets, this monthly budget is carefully segmented into weekly budget expectations, daily spend suggestions and budgets per campaign. I have to play it smart here – clients rely on me to spend wisely and generally make magic happen with their cash.

Being this cautious and conscious about money came as a surprise to me, as I am far from diligent with my personal bank account. As many others I’m sure, the first week after pay day involves wonderful dinners out on the town, Vida coffees, breakfast at NU and a dress from Topshop which I couldn’t possibly go one more day without. This whirlwind is then followed by the shock that hits me when I look at my bank account on the 8th and realise that I still need to survive another two plus weeks until the next pay day – hello cheese on crackers. Eeeek!


Having the capability to analyse big data to make informed decisions is a huge part of what I do. This quality differentiates a good campaign manager from a great one. The ability to pore over graphs and stats and then interpret the information into innovative and actionable insights, is a daily occurrence in the life of a PPC campaign manager.

On the flip side: this number crunching has always been a difficult one for me to grasp. I often find myself reaching for my calculator when working out even the simplest addition or subtraction. I was a regular visitor at Master Maths for my entire high school life – two days a week for five years to be more accurate so I think it’s safe to say that it definitely wasn’t love at first sight for me and my number friends. In fact, it’s actually quite ironic how much numbers have ended up featuring in what I do for a day job, especially considering our less than impressive track record.

So although in my personal life I may be broke by mid-month and a real pro at indecisiveness, I can confidently say that the demands of being an awesome PPC campaign manager continue to help me challenge these aspects of myself and grow as an individual in ways I never expected. This journey has shown me that I do possess qualities I didn’t know I had (many of which are actually strengths) and that I do have the power to adapt things about myself if I just put my mind to it. So if you ever think you’re not a perfect fit for a job, don’t be afraid to push yourself – greatness and discoverability may lie just outside of your comfort zone.

Written and compiled by: Amy Bryson, PPC Campaign Manager


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