Brands that are killing it at Vine Marketing

In honour of Vine’s second year, we have decided to showcase the top International brands who are getting it right. Since 2015 has countlessly been dubbed as the year of the video, we will take a look at the different ways to use this micro-blogging site and how your brand can benefit from it. This revolutionary app only allows you 6 seconds to capture your audience so it’s best to be creative and think out of the box.  Many brands have taken to this Twitter-owned app but only few have mastered it. Let’s take a look at some of the top brands on Vine and see what has made them successful.


Target engages its audience by creating fun games that are easy to follow while still spreading the main values of the brand and are often linked to a competition. This strategy leaves the content creation in the audience’s hands and helps to humanize the brand.


This brand prides itself on being All American and can easily latch on to trending hashtags like #AwardSeason #Thanksgiving #Halloween. They have found a way to incorporate their products into a story that represents popular culture.


Oreo knows how to keep it simple. With a recognizable digital style, Oreo has delectable “how-to” videos and also uses fun hashtags that create an ongoing story. In 2013, Oreo also had a successful #SnackHacks series which changed the way audiences viewed this well-known cookie.


Known for their innovation in digital marketing, Sephora has always been ahead of the pulse and was quick to jump on the Vine band-wagon. Their profile showcases the latest in store trends and offers useful makeup tips.


One of the few South African brands that are kicking ass on Vine, DSTV uses Vine to showcase upcoming shows that keep audiences coming back for more and even shines the spotlight on local celebs.  With just under 1000 followers – this brand has a lot of growth potential and using Vine for games or competitions to engage their followers could be a great direction to go in.


Winner of the 2014 Shorty Awards in the Vine category, Mashable has made a huge name for itself by producing original and creative content that engages followers. Their digital mark includes brand content as well as games and competitions. The main factor driving their success lies in the fact that Mashable has hired an entire visual storytelling team and even has an in-house Vine Studio. Check out their weekly Vine challenge here.


Heineken only recently joined Vine, but has some truly creative content so far. We would dub this as a profile to watch while they find their feet in the digital landscape. So far, the brand’s content has included a breakdancing battle for their #OpenYourCity event as well as a competition that involved the Heineken Star Serve.


With different accounts for news and upcoming events, MTV has latched onto the idea that Audiences love behind the scenes clips and funny mashups. MTV uses creatively edited videos, much like you can see on their Instagram profile. In 2013, for the first time ever, the MTV VMA Awards tallied social votes using Instagram, Twitter, Vine and hashtags.


Samsung Mobile escalates creativity to a new level with their videos and catchy captions, as they mix all video formats into one.  In 2013, Samsung was named the most shares brand of 2013 in the Video Sharing Awards, and it’s easy to see why their social video strategy is a hit.


The brand known for spreading ‘Love Yourself’ campaigns has shared the body positivity idea into their Vine videos while still remaining playful.  Featuring and Re-Vining videos by using hashtags is a great way to engage your audience and build an even bigger brand following.

From Youtube and Vine to Instagram and Twitter, it’s clear that all social media apps are leaning towards video content and brands will need a strong video strategy to stay ahead of the game.

Written by: Ashleigh Burton


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