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9th February 2016

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Most of us who use digital platforms, like those in social media, are familiar with Google Chrome extensions. To those not so familiar with digital, it can make browsing a hella of a lot easier. Like when installing the fowling five extensions in your browser. It helps cuts down browsing time and makes social media management a breeze.


1. Adblock Plus


Before, and after, installing Adblock Plus

A FREE ad blocker for Chrome. It blocks ads, malware and tracking as you browse. Types of ads you can expect to say bye-bye to:

  • Animated ads
  • Autoplay-sound ads
  • Pop-ups
  • Expanding ads
  • Video ads / Overlay in-video ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Webmail ads
  • Other.

This is not to say that you won’t see any ads. They allow ads being served to users as long as it remains non-intrusive. In their example, static ads.

2. Facebook GIF Button

Facebook GIF Button extension pop-up


The Facebook Gif Button extension allows you to comment on Facebook with memes and animated GIFs – without leaving the page. It doesn’t allow you to post your own gifs (yet), but makes for way better browsing than opening a new tab just to copy and paste later on. Like with Giphy. It’s especially fun when replying to Facebook comments with a gif.


3. YouTube in Picture 


Desktop use, YouTube in picture

YouTube in Picture allows you to watch YouTube videos in the corner of your desktop screen while browsing the site, just like you would when using the YouTube iPhone mobile app.

The first cool feature is that the extension minimises videos automatically when searching YouTube. So you can continue to watch the video that’s currently playing in the minimised screen when hitting the search bar. Like when getting a double dose of  Tyler Oakly.

The second cool feature is that you can right click on links using the Play in Picture menu option to send videos to the minimised screen while continuing to browse. Very cool feature – like when using YouTube mobile. As with the current mobile app, leaving YouTube will unfortunately also stop videos from playing. For mobile users, there’s always YouTube Red.


4. Emoji input


Emoji input desktop screen shot

Pretty cool extension that allows users to comment or type with iPhone styled emojis. You can use it in three ways:

  1. Click on emoji in extension
  2. Copy and paste the emoji in the extension
  3. Type the name of emoji in the extension search bar.

No more logging into your iPhone to get the emoji you’re looking for. Just add Emoji input as a Chrome extension.



5. Bookmark Manager

Google Images Bookmark Manager

Basically, it hosts your bookmarks on a super user-friendly Google web page. Why I love it:

  • Google groups bookmarks into folders
  • It helps you to find bookmarks faster with its search functionality
  • Collects your bookmarks for you in topics (i.e travel)
  • Allows you to share folders with friends.

Don’t worry, the extension still gives you free reign to sort bookmarks to your own liking. So, have a few daily go-to websites? No need to cluster them all to the top of your browser. Just use Bookmark Manager.


There are tons of extensions that one can use to help improve your browsing experience. If not going to the Chrome Web Store to search for something specific, CNET is a good go-to website.


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