Copy/ social strategist awards ceremony

Excuse my terrible grammar/ spelling – I may or may not have had a number of Mojitos at Rome so my typing abilities are mildly impaired. The reason for said cocktails was the grand first event of the prestigious Silver Globe Awards which honour caustic wit, unsurpassed writing abilities, our penchant for disco balls, drag queens and the pursuit of excellence. In all seriousness, I have an AMAZING team of people and I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of them (sorry, I know this is sounding increasingly like an Oprah sharing session). The content/ social department at Saatchi Synergize is one of the biggest in the company and we work hard, but we have an awesome time together as well. We’re a bunch of weird and wonderful misfits, word nerds and Twitter Twerkers and we’re responsible for the magic and mischief which drives everything that Saatchi does.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce this month’s winners:

The Anderson Cooper Award for the best current affairs article for a client:

Saatchi Synergize

Sparkles Love: The man with a plan and perfect hair (which he spends the majority of his day perfecting) is also a master at generating trending, relevant articles for clients that deal specifically with current affairs that people care about. Look out for his work on News24 – he’s a frequent contributor to the Opinions section.

Pretty and Published Award for the writer getting work published on the biggest platforms:

Kez: This lovely lady is constantly thinking for ways to get our clients maximum visibility online. She’s smart, savvy and a fervent sharer of Buzzfeed quizzes and pictures of cats in compromising positions.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

Social Smack-down Award for the person getting her clients the most followers in March:

Caryn:  Don’t let this gal’s calm facade and tiny physique fool you – she’s a mean, lean Tweeting machine with an incredible ability to generate conversation and new followership.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

Best article for the um sh******t client:

Uncle Zak: the ginger with a thing for bling is a master of turning difficult clients into beautifully composed works of art. Did we mention Uncle Zak used to have a ginger ‘fro?


 Hunter Thompson Award for the best article of the month:

Brett/ Barry: Brett’s mom packs him the most amazing lunches that we all drool over. Apparently the brain food is working because this boy can write! He also really likes pies and has about 50 pictures of his cat on his phone. He got this award for his amazing article for Two Oceans.

Saatchi Synergize

Person with most growth improvement:

Ninette the Ninja: Some say that she can share a million articles with the mere flick of her thumb. Some say she has a pet mouse she’s trained to do the Can-Can. All we know is that she’s called Ninette and she’s pretty amazing.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

The Social Upliftment Award: for the person who keeps their spirits high and complains the least

Madre the magnificent: When she’s not saving the rhinos, making us tea or coming up with mind-blowing strategies for clients, she’s getting us all to smile, laugh and forget our worries and woes.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

The Super Sharer Award

Ninette: She moves so fast she’s a blur – in fact, we’re all pretty sure she’s part ninja and part superwoman. She can share an article in a tenth of a second and has been known to send out 400 tweets a minute. No lies.

The dark horse award:

Jade: She’s clever, talented and we’re expecting great things from her. And she likes broccoli and has blue hair.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

The Russel Brand wit award:

Toni: Despite stiff competition from Barry the caustic, drag-queen lover (?) and Zak the ginger, Toni is the obvious recipient of this award with her dry wit and instant come-backs. Glam, gorgeous and an authority on all things MAC, this lady is as good at choosing lipstick as she is at giving lip.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

The awesome Analytics award:

Lelanie: Secretly Spiderman in disguise, Lelanie is the Analytics whisperer, known for taming the meanest of algorithms with her wondrous webs.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

The most client compliments:

Shana: Her hair is full of secrets and she knows the words to a client’s heart – her prose makes toes tingle and her adjectives are said to move mountains.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

Overall Writer of the Month:

Brett and Sparkles: The boys take home the trophies this month – except the crowns are too small to fit their massive heads. #awkward.

Saatchi Synergize

Most gangster:

Giuls from the Bronx. We love her.

Saatchi Synergize copy team


And Vic (Award for the best ‘pretend’ member of the copy team) and I stole Brett and Ed’s crowns so we would feel special too :)



Yay for our little happy-clappy copy family. I heart you all ‘muchly’.

Saatchi Synergize copy team

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