Creative Profile: Chad Hanning

Chad Hanning

Studies. Where did it all start? Chad did Art & Design at CoCT. This included the history of art, drawing, business management, graphic processes and graphic design.

Favourite type of art? He enjoy all mediums. Chad says, “It all boils down to that same feeling I get after finishing something, that’s a feeling I really like. Then I’m like, okay, what’s next? But if I would have to choose, I would say drawing. There’s nothing like the good ol’ pen to paper.”

Inspiration. Chad spends quite some time going through projects people have posted on Béhance, as well as a site called Street Art News. Both sites he feels have amazing work by artists from all over the world. Aside from the online world, Chad also finds inspiration from every day life, whether it’s walking in the city and seeing some amazing street art or just being out in nature, which he loves doing in his spare time.

Design brands you love?Am I Collective, which is a Cape Town based illustration company and I remember looking at their site for most of my time while on the internet at the library while I was still a student.”

Dream job. Believe it or not, our superstar designer would love to get out of the city. “I want my own little farm with horses and cows, some sheep and my German Shepherd (laughs). I would want a wine farm and be able to grow my own company.”

Music. It varies. From chilled hip hop to ambient or progressive psychedelic trance. “I guess it all depends on my mood, my work load or the type of design I’m busy with at the time.”

Thanks Chad!

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