Creative Profile Lelanie Roux

Meet Lelanie Roux, our Online Reputation Analyst

Meet Lelanie, Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize’s Online Reputation Analyst. She tracks online brand conversation and ensures that the reputation of brands remains healthy. She also analyses a lot of graphs. In order to be an effective ORM Analyst, one needs to be super smart, analytical, have a great attention to detail and be good looking (so you can distract clients when their graphs are all pointing down).

She talks all about her love for Spider-Man and explains why chasing the impossible is nothing but second nature. You can visit Lelanie’s blog,, where she will inspire and confuse you with philosophical ramblings and, more often than not, the answers to life.

If you weren’t an ORM Analyst, what else would you be?

A seabed treasure hunter

In your previous life, you were a:

I was probably Gwen Stacy

What was your first job ever?

I set up a tuck shop in my mother’s house and sold her back the sweets she bought me

If you won the lotto, what would you do?

I would move to Italy and buy a wine farm. And a husband.

What inspires you?

Music inspires me most. But what also really inspires me every day is meeting people who are confident in themselves and proud of who they are.

What made you choose this career?

Reputation Management essentially is all about stalking people online. It’s like my favourite thing to do… And also, it makes me feel a bit like a detective and I’ve always wanted to be Veronica Mars and Sherlock Holmes is my spirit animal so this is complete bliss to me.

What are your Lovemarks?

Chevrolet and Marvel

Your kryptonite includes?

Red wine, jelly sweets and 80s rock legends

What’s your favourite go-to place in Cape Town?

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Why do you believe that nothing is impossible?

We were not put on this planet to succumb to mediocrity. Chasing the impossible is everything.

Name the ad that made you go jelly?

Nike – Quit making excuses, putting it off, complaining about it, dreaming about it, whining about it, crying about it, believing you can’t, worrying if you can, waiting until you are older, skinnier, richer, braver, or all around better. Suck it up, hold on tight, say a prayer, make a plan & JUST DO IT.

What does your lunchbox meal consist of?

Biltong. Just biltong.

If you were famous for one thing, what would it be?

Probably my love for Spider-Man. I know people don’t get it. But it’s deep and meaningful. Don’t doubt that.

What’s the motto you live by?

There are no coincidences.

What song makes your hips sway?

The Original Smurfs Theme Song

Also, Gogol Bordello – Wonderlust King

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Be present.

Name your other creative pursuits.

I am currently working on a 12-month challenge to learn as many Ludovico Einaudi piano pieces as possible. So far, I’ve learnt 3.

Your “best work day ever” includes:

Making fun of Edward. And working with the crazy people of the Copy & Social Department. Those are probably the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

What’s your #truebluebehavior?

Kind, uplifting words. Saying just one nice thing to someone every day is one step closer to putting a smile on their face and making their day a bit brighter.

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