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When it comes to having an unfaltering creative spirit and an insatiable appetite for all things cultural, innovative and artistic, Cape Town ticks both these boxes. The Mother City prides herself on the fact that she is one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the world, not only in terms of people, but also in terms of the creative energy she possesses. In 2014, the city of Cape Town has committed to celebrating and show-casing the wealth of creative talent at its very heart more than ever before. Since winning the coveted title of World Design Capital 2014, Cape Town has switched into a higher gear in an effort to show the entire world just how creatively inspiring she can be. Creative Week Cape Town is one such event that embodies the pure inventiveness that pulses through the city’s veins on a daily basis.

Creative week Cape Town, World Design Capital Cape Town

What’s CWCT all about?

Co-ordinated by Creative Cape Town and the Cape Town Partnership, Creative Week Cape Town is an annual celebration of creativity, innovation and culture. This event exposes the true kaleidoscope of creativity that pervades the city’s genetic make-up to people from near and far, giving them the opportunity to experience the city’s diversity and energy. It consists of an array of crowd-sourced events that are designed by creatives for other creatives, and includes everything from outdoor exhibitions, to lectures, parties, street art, demonstrations and public art activations, all held throughout the city. The idea is to promote freedom of thought and encourage local advertisers, artists, designers, and authors (any kind of creative, really) to dream big. They come up with a concept which they are then tasked with turning into a reality using the people and places that make the Mother City so vibrant. This year’s theme is “Start Where You Are, Use What You Have and Make What You Can” and this is realised through six different categories: Learn, Play, Move, See, Do and Hear. Essentially, the city is transformed into a creative hub where people can meet, network and grow their knowledge within an artistically-charged space.

What drives this phenomenal programme?

Apart from celebrating all things creative and innovative, CWCT intends to provide a suitable platform on which creatives can display and share their work with others. This is particularly important for fledgling projects, as well as those new to the creative scene who are looking for that much-needed exposure. As the city comes alive with a veritable burst of creativity in many shapes and forms, the hope is that a stronger artistic knowledge economy will be developed and strengthened. Ideas are exchanged, inspirations are sparked and resources are shared – it truly is a fantastic programme that will leave creatives from all backgrounds feeling inspired and motivated.

The Loerie Awards and Loerie Expo

The annual Loerie Awards are where the crème de la crème from the advertising world in Africa and the Middle East come together to celebrate and honour the very best in brand communication. They will take place on Saturday, 20 September and Sunday, 21 September in what can only be considered the culmination of the creative energy that would have been flowing throughout the city for the last week. The Loeries Expo will be held between the 18th and the 20th of September, bringing together all areas of brand communication in one creative space. It’s the perfect place for creatives to get together, network and share their thoughts on all things creative.

We are proud to announce that Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize has been nominated for three Loerie Awards. Well done team!

The Loerie Awards 2014

Creative Week Cape Town is lucky enough to be on our doorstep, and as a creative agency, we revel in the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the creative spirit of our beautiful city, and so should you! For more information about CWCT and the various events taking place, visit It takes place from 13 – 21 September 2014 and ticket prices vary from event to event.


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