Google Analytics graduates May 2015

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we speak the language of Analytics and deliver in-depth measurable results. We were named a partner because our Analytics work consistently meets with Google’s exacting standards. We have an ongoing education program in-house, with the view to actively up-skill our staff.

This year, our Head of Analytics Victoria Smith and SEO strategist Christopher Cannoo headed up the Google Analytics training for staff. Congratulations to the following guys and girls for passing the exam and receiving their Google Analytics certifications!

Google Analutics passes Synergize

Marika Malliaris, Madré Roothman, Adam Mitchell, Christopher Cannoo (trainer), Daryl Wathen, Zaheer Adhikari, Michelle Minitzer, Clerissa Visser, Amy Bryson, Annie Kolatsis.

Congratulations guys!

Google analytics high five

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