Hashtags for what?

A few weeks ago my colleague, Michelle, posted an article titled The importance of hashtags in #SocialMedia. If you’ve read it, then you’ll know that hashtags can do wonders when it comes to boosting social media reach and engagement. The question is, which hashtags should you be using?

I’ve compiled a list of the most popular hashtags that appear across a variety of social platforms and have a high number of posts attributed to them. The hashtags you use obviously depend on what you’re posting about, but using one of these almost always guarantees some form of engagement. The key is to use the right amount per platform. For Facebook and Twitter, try stick to one or two great hashtags. If you’re running a campaign where you’ve created your own hashtag, use it in conjunction with a well-known one to give yours a bit more traction and exposure.

Instagram is nice in that you can use as many hashtags for your personal account as you like – in fact, the more the merrier! Varying the hashtags you use exposes your post to more people, so don’t be shy to throw in as many as you can think of. From a brand perspective though, avoid spamming with hashtags as fans will see right through your plan to drum up likes. Pick a handful of powerful hashtags and play around with how many you use as you garner a following.

Here are some of the hashtags I recommend using whether it’s in a personal or brand capacity:


This one’s for the gym bunnies and lifting bros. Share your awesomeness with your Fitness Family.

#FF (Follow Friday)

Used on Twitter to suggest who your followers should follow.


Foodies like to share their food and admire what other foodies have eaten. Perfect for restaurant and meal suggestions.


Any photo that you’ve taken or found that you share on a Friday.


Coined by Cape Town Tourism, this is a great one to use for anything Mother City related.


SA Tourism created this one for sharing the things that make South Africa remarkable.


Everyone needs a little motivation to get going on a Monday, right?


Whichever song gets you ready to take on Monday, share it with this hashtag or use it to find some great tracks.

#OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

This one’s good for fashion brands or even if you’re just having a really good outfit day.


The ultimate photo of the day. No other photo compares to this photo. It is THE photo.

#QOTD (Quote of the Day)

Similar to #PhotoOfTheDay, this is for words that you’ve read or heard that stand out and deserve a special mention.


Are you having fun on a Sunday? Then you need this hashtag.

#ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT)

Used when you’re feeling nostalgic and sharing old photos (even if they’re only from a week ago).


Next time you’re sharing your travel snaps to make your friends jealous, throw in this hashtag to link up with fellow travellers.


If you’re looking to trade travel tips, stories or get travel advice, then this should be your go-to hashtag.

#TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter)

Join in on the travel communities biggest Twitter chat every Tuesday or use the hashtag during the week for your travel related Tweets.


Whether you’re sharing personal wisdom, or the words of others, pop this hashtag with it and you could make someone’s day.

If you have any awesome hashtags in your social media artillery, feel free to let us know. Happy hashtagging!

Written by: Annie Kolatsis

Twitter: @Annie_Kolatsis

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