I’m just a girl in a digital world

Or am I just a digital world with a girl in it? It’s all about perception after all and with the rise of virtual reality (be that literally using Oculus Rift, or figuratively being transported) there’s an abundance of offerings for businesses to utilize.

The problem that occurs with so many options however, is deciding which one is best for your business. Here are my top 4 platforms for business to tune into in 2015.

Social media world


Facebook remains the top platform for businesses – sophisticated analytics as well as the ability to filter and reach fans with intent to buy, and generate interest in your business using paid and organic media.

The smarter we market, the smarter the consumer becomes, and the more we see that hard sales tactics are no longer what makes the majority of sales – a direct result of the influx of information available and a creation of our own doing. Hard sales have their place and time, but consumers want smart, relatable content. They want what many negative influencers say is impossible online, a connection. This emotional bridge increases loyalty, creating a long term relationship.


Twitter currently has more than 550 million active users. Studies have shown that 67% of these are more likely to buy from a brand that they follow. This is likely to rise with the arrival of Google Analytics and paid media; the numbers following brands, utilizing real-time engagement to create and/or strengthen relationships. Making it not only feasible to get in on the conversation and hear directly from the consumer, but also crucial- managing sentiment and gaining important insight to continually improve your business, and get ahead of the competition while increasing sales.


The question you need to ask is when last did you turn on your television? Next, did you watch a single advert? Customers are no longer forced to watch advertisements, they can simply fast-forward, skip or simply switch channels. This makes our job as marketers that much more challenging. But what marketer doesn’t like a challenge? We say challenge accepted. Innovation is the order of the day and with the World Wide Web as our oyster, inspiration in abundance when relevant, brands need to use this to their advantage.


A giant on its own, but combine it with other platforms and there is a whole new world to explore. Gone are the days of sitting around the television with the family, today’s tech savvy clientele are utilising one gadget to do it all and the power is in their hands. It’s mobile and you can reach them from anywhere in the world. So why are brands so afraid? Budget. With the rise of mobile, improved software and an increasing number of customers using their mobile devices for online activities, the question is not should you create your own channel, but why haven’t you?

Many say the art of communication is dead, but is it? Or has it in fact just changed form? At the end of the day we are just humans; visual creatures who still crave emotional connections. No longer just a brand, but a virtual person. Perception is about the way we see the world. What we do and say has never before had the longevity it has today. What you type today could change tomorrow. The question we need to ask as a brands is: “What will we do today that will change the world and the perceptions of those dwelling on it?”

By: Michelle Minitzer


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