Incredible, beautiful & inspiring television commercials

As a kid of the 90s I harbour a particularly strong affinity towards ‘old school’ advertising approaches such as television commercials and radio adverts. Whether it is attributed to some complex reaction in my occipital lobe or something as simple as an appreciation for the creativity that goes into producing a really great commercial, television will continue to be one of my favourite forms of advertising – even as the world hurtles toward an era of Facebook banners and AdWords ads.

While solid online advertising is instrumental in the success of any campaign, when an advert is part of an integrated marketing campaign it has the ability to drive a campaign and pretty much create the brand. Needless to say, television advertising is a formidable marketing tool that is anything but obsolete.

In the spirit of kick ass television advertising I have compiled a collection of some of the most captivating, inspiring and just plain memorable adverts I have encountered:

General Electric – Childlike Imagination: What My Mom Does at GE

For the imaginative child in all of us.

Nando’s – Athletes (car guards) #25Reasons

Nando’s never fails to amuse (and provoke) with their adverts and this one is no exception.

Investec Asset Management – Pororoca commercial

Beautiful. Plain and simple.

Cadbury – I Gotta Be Me

A brilliant advert by our sister office, Saatchi & Saatchi Johannesburg.

Bell’s – The Reader

If ever my heart strings have been tugged.

Coca Cola – Happiness Factory

This is creative ingenuity.

Apple – Think Different

For all those Apple zealots.


– By Aislinn Corbet

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