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21st July 2015

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It’s cool to see how the Facebook owned channel, Instagram, is becoming more desktop friendly.

This is great news for Community Managers doing research on Instagram for brands and trends, as well as for every other user who has previously been limited to mobile-only searches before this social media update.

On Monday the company announced that users can now search for people, hashtags and places on Instagram – with the update still excluding desktop photo uploads.

It was about time too. Below is an example of what Instagram looks like on desktop, with Instagram blog featured user Finding a Few Moments of Pure Joy with Free Dive Instructor @memomedfish, below:

Instagram's new search fuctionality on Desktop

Instagram’s new search fuctionality on Desktop


To see more from Memo Arikok, an instructor in Turkey’s Gundogan Bay of Bodrum, follow @memomedfish‘s free diving pics.


What’s holding you back from freediving? Its an amazing journey! #apnea #freediving #medfish #gopro

A photo posted by Memo Arikok (@memomedfish) on Apr 7, 2015 at 3:37am PDT

Written and compiled by: Madré Roothman

Twitter: @MadreRoothman

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