Kezia Swanepoel – Creative Profile

Meet Kezia our content strategist at Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize who tells us about her first job ever and why she believes that nothing is impossible.

This is Kezia Swanepoel's Creative Profile who works at Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize

I am a content marketer and writer at Saatchi & Saatchi. You can follow me:



If you weren’t (whatever you are), what else would you be?

A travel journalist or music reviewer, I love music blogs and magazines.


In your previous life, you were a

A 1970s glam rocker.

This is a picture of David Bowie who was a famous glam rocker during the 70s

What was your first job ever?

Selling sushi at a market in Durban when I was 11. I earned R20 a day which I thought was a fortune but I didn’t like sushi back then so I never ate it. If I could turn back time…


If you won the lotto, what would you do?  

Buy property, save some for a rainy day and use the rest to travel.


What inspires you?  

People, images, design, nature, music and books.


What made you choose this career?

Opportunity and chance.


What are your Lovemarks?

SoundCloud, Essence eyeliner, Converse and DIY Magazine.


Your kryptonite includes? (things you can’t go without)

Sushi, chilli, music, my family and liquid eyeliner.


What’s your favourite go-to place in Cape Town?

Zevoli’s –it’s the perfect place to escape and drink cheap beer with friends. Sticky Fingers is right next door, they win me over with their cheese fries and awesome chilli poppers.


Why do you believe that nothing is impossible?

Because believing the alternative is not going to get you very far in life and denotes a lack of imagination.


Name the ad that made you go jelly?

The Careers24 dolphin ad was hilarious and the Snickers ad where builders yell gender equal slogans at passers-by was ingenious.


What does your lunchbox meal consist of?

It rotates between wraps, leftover pastas and salads.


If you were famous for one thing, what would it be?

Writing a book that defines a period of culture, society and politics.


What’s the motto you live by?

Don’t live in the past.


What song makes your hips sway?

Anything by The Naked and Famous or M83



What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be so hard on yourself and exercise regularly.


Name your other creative pursuits.

Reading and writing. A lot of the former, need to work on the latter.


Your “best work day ever” includes

A delicious sushi lunch with friends and a visit from Simba Surprise.


What’s your #truebluebehaviour?

Recycling, donating old clothes/blankets in winter and donating money to Doctors Without Borders.





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