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Since Facebook bought Atlas from powerhouse Microsoft (for about $100 million) in 2013, it was in hibernation – ‘till September this year. With its recent re-launch, Atlas has become a key piece in Facebook’s advertising and marketing strategies – challenging Google’s dominance in the digital ad sphere. It’s expected to be the first true challenger to DoubleClick and Google Display business.


Atlas – a tool formerly used for measurement and tracking ad display efficacy – has become more powerful within Facebook. Here’s how:

  • Works on people-based marketing – Facebook’s user base
  • Ties impressions back to Facebook’s user base
  • Doesn’t rely on cookies for last click-attributions
  • Tell advertisers what percentage of those ads were served to which demographic groups
  • Check that ads reached the right audiences – cross referencing ads with the Facebook user base
  • Reaches the audience on three platforms: desktop browsers, mobile and apps
  • Serve ads on Instagram.


Display ads are core to Facebook, but they remain a secondary focus for Google, with the bulk of their advertising revolving around search ads. With the limitations of cookie based-measurement, Atlas could help improve the user’s path to conversion, by more precise targeting, optimization and measurement. According to the Atlas website, it can “connect online touchpoints with offline purchases to generate a new understanding about what really drives incremental reach and new sales.”


Written and compiled by: Madré Roothman

Twitter: @MadreRoothman

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