Meet the Intern – Jemma Dendy Young

The latest addition to our design team, please meet Hartwick College New York graduate, Jemma Dendy Young. She moisturises with coconut oil, doubles up as a sous chef and has met Danny De Vito! Her life motto, “Get to it, to do it because you may never get to it to do it again.”

Intern Jemma Dendy Young

A little more about our Design Intern:

– What is your dream job?

Creative Director

– Do you have an alter ego?

A British Britney Spears  prior to 2007

– Number 1 on your bucketlist? 

River raft down the Grand Canyon

– What are your pet hates? 

Dog hair everywherrrre

– Your life would be meaningless without…


– Favourite person you follow on Twitter and Instagram?

Lizzy van der Ligt

– What hashtag would best describe your life?


– What is the most important thing you’ve learned since starting at Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize?

You are who you work with and you must work with who you are. Be enthusiastic and show up.

– Your lovemark?



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