Meet the Intern – Simon Costandius

New kid on the block, Simon recently joined our Social and Copy department as an intern. Born in Stellenbosch, studied through UNISA, with a lifelong dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood. His life motto, “Question all you see, for the world is but a point of view.”

Simon Intern Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize

Here’s a little more about the latest Greek (one out of three) to join our team:

– What was your first job?

I’ve worked on film shoots and adverts since I was 7, but technically my first job was as a barman when I turned 18.

– Any hidden talents?

I can put my whole fist in my mouth, not sure if it’s a talent but it certainly gets a reaction.

– Do you have an alter ego?

I often pretend I’m a Russian tourist called Viktor to mess with people.

– Number 1 on your bucket list?

Skydive in a squirrel suit; I cannot imagine anything better than the feeling of flying, even if it is just falling with style.

– What are your pet hates?

Arrogance and ego, if you’re good at something you shouldn’t have to tell people – they will know.

– Favourite person you follow on Twitter?

Jayden Smith, his comments and statements are beyond hilarious.

– What is the most important thing you’ve learned since starting at Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize?

The family dynamic is key to producing great work; there is always a need for some fun to encourage a positive attitude.

– Your Lovemark?



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