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Why every article written is number centric


Have you, like I, noticed that every second article (on any feed at the moment) is number-centric?

Top 10 reasons to quit your job…
7 ways to exercise at your desk in 7 minutes…
Learn French in 30 seconds…

It seems that those we have determined as “thought leaders” are either dumbing us down, or have discovered a golden nugget – people prefer to only take in small bursts of information at one time.

This has led me to at least four minutes of pondering why?

Is it because, generally, people read these articles in between stalking their high school friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Or is it because people, in a world of instant gratification, only care to spend five minutes learning, growing, researching and stretching their minds? Or is it because these articles are considered “entertainment”, and have nothing to do with intellectual stimulation?

Regardless, it seems that if an article is going to gain traction, it needs to reference a number in some way, shape or form.

This being my first article, I thought I would take those learnings to give you:


6 Things your Mom told you growing up that are relevant and applicable to your career.

# 1: Actions speak louder than words

True, and especially valid if you are in a management position.
Just think on this example:

A lovely compliment from a manager to a valuable employee: Suzy, you’re worth a million bucks.
Instead of: Suzy, you’re worth a million bucks which is why we are giving you this gift / a duvet day.

More and more, employees are HOPING that you will qualify what you say with something quantifiable.  This doesn’t (always) mean an increase or a gift of some sort, but rather that your “Yes” means Yes and your “No” means No.

This also helps to create a culture of accountability, so choose your words carefully – someone is watching and waiting for you to act on them.

# 2: A little birdy told me

Is it an SMS?  Is it a call?  Is it an email?  Is it an IM?  No… an office grapevine remains the fastest means of communication and is about as reliable as a lifeguard with ADD.
Be selective and extra careful with confidential information and hearsay.

#3: As long as you live under my roof, you’ll do what I say

Choose the company you work for carefully and be sure of what it is you are looking for before you go for an interview.
Each industry, and each company within that industry, will have a very unique heartbeat.  Don’t be afraid to ask “culture” questions to better understand how the company operates and what the people who work there are like.

If what you believe aligns to what the company believes and stands for you, then you’re in the perfect position to start an amazing journey together.

#4: We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it

There is huge value in looking forward.  Be ambitious, know where you are headed, but be careful not to look so far ahead you trip on today.

#5: You’ve got to be a friend to make a friend

Gone are the days when working on your own is considered a strength (unless you are a clock maker).  Team work is vital, so ask questions, share information, develop relationships and become someone with an enviable network of people who are willing to go to war with you.

# 6: You’ll understand when you’re older

Choose a leadership team that you believe in, and then wholeheartedly subscribe to their vision.  As you grow in your career, so you’ll be exposed to the decisions these people make on a daily basis and be grateful that it was them and not you.  With great power comes great responsibility.

Thanks, Mom.


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