South Africa’s top 10 YouTube Channels

South Africa’s top 10 YouTube Channels

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16th February 2016

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It’s interesting to see which South African YouTubers have climbed to the top of YouTube’s most subscribed top 10 channel leader board. For Suzelle DIY fans, she comes in at no. 22. A good climb since she’s only been on the scene since May 2014. Why should this be important to you? YouTubers have the power to share and influence consumers on a big scale. And to companies who see YouTubers as forward-thinking trendsetters – enjoy the ripple effect they have on your consumer purchasing decisions. Here’s South Africa’s top 10 YouTubers.

1. morecaspar

More Caspar is the secret channel of Caspar Lee. The British born South African raised, now living in London, sensation. His most recent videos include his ‘best friend’ series with Chris Pratt and Kevin Hart. Ranked no 1 with:

  • Subscribers: 1,754,032
  • Videos: 100
  • Views: 67.9 M
  • Trailer video:

2. Die Antwoord

South African rap group, Die Antwoord, made their way to fame with ‘treffer’ Enter the Ninja back in 2009. Group members include rappers Ninja Yolandi Visser (often stylized as Vi$$er) and DJ Hi-Tek. Their counterculture ‘zef’ movement landed them as the current no 2.

  • Subscribers: 666,349
  • Videos: 9
  • Views: 209.3 M
  • Trailer video: None, but check out their ‘treffer’

3. YellowBrickCinema

“the leading YouTube channel for sleep Music” as it says in their about section. This channel focuses on relaxing music, like meditation music, healing music, study music, reiki music, zen music, yoga music and spa and massage music.

    • Subscribers: 651,521
    • Videos: 933
    • Views: 216.2 M
    • Trailer video:

4. Cobus Potgieter

I read about this guy a few years ago – mentioned in one of the newsletters I received from World Wide Worx. In this said newsletter, Cobus and Kruger Sightings (no.7) were mentioned as channels to watch with the highest growth rate in South African. Cobus is known for playing drums and having pretty badass drum sets. More on Cobus’ channel:

  • Subscribers: 637,974
  • Videos: 173
  • Views: 186.3 M
  • Trailer video: Playbacks on websites have been disabled, view his  Closer To The Edge drum cover below:



Sixpackfactory claims that they can show/teach viewers how to get the best ripped six-packs in the shortest possible time. The channel includes workouts and eating plans – all catered for gym bunnies and fitness fundies.

  • Subscribers: 452,047
  • Videos: 432
  • Views: 128.7 M
  • Trailer video:


6. Trevor Noah

Noah is one of the most successful South African comedians of all time. And by successful, I’m referring to him running The Daily Show. His most recent work includes Lost in Translation where he talks about his worldview of American culture.

  • Subscribers: 310,962
  • Videos: 23
  • Views: 33.8 M
  • Trailer video:

7. Kruger sightings

Established by scholar Nadav Ossendryver in 2012, Kruger sightings serves as a platform for nature enthusiasts to share their passion for the Kruger National Park. Using technology, Ossendryver captures real-time updates on wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park and shares it on his blogtwitter feed and YouTube channel. Subscribers can also look forward to live streaming.

  • Subscribers: 245,021
  • Videos: 232
  • Views: 294.2 M
  • Trailer video: None. View Baby Rhino vs. Birds here:

8. Theodora Lee

Also known as the sister of famous brother Caspar Lee. Describing her channel as one that focuses on giving “advice, love and all things life”, viewers can look forward to videos that include coming of age topics, guidance on growing up and being happy.

  • Subscribers: 211,210
  • Videos: 91
  • Views: 8.2 M
  • Trailer video:

9. Body Mind Zone

Another music channel dedicated to relaxing tunes, just like no.3 YellowBrickCinema. This channel hosts a variety of music selections such as meditation music, sleep music, study music, healing & wellness music, and reiki & zen music.

  • Subscribers: 181,876
  • Videos: 330Views: 33.4 M
  • Trailer video:

10. MCPEMike

A South African gamer that makes the top 10 charts. MCPEMike focuses on Minecraft Pocket Edition’s (Minecraft PE / MCPE) glitches and tricks, reviews and gameplay – to name a few.

  • Subscribers: 164,459
  • Videos: 276
  • Views: 27.1 M
  • Trailer video:


Next week I’ll look at the top 10 most viewed South African video producers. And if you enjoy spending time on YouTube, I recommend getting YouTube in Picture – no 3 in my Chrome extensions you should use article.

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