SEO vs. Digital Analytics

Written and compiled by Nadine Timmer, SEO Intern.

Synergize SEO Intern

When I was initially hired by Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize as an SEO intern, I was very excited to enhance my knowledge of all things digital. The E-Marketing course that I completed at UCT as part of my degree was my favourite subject, and I was especially interested in SEO. I couldn’t wait to absorb all the SEO knowledge that I could get my hands on!

Starting Out In SEO

I learnt the tricks of the trade very quickly and, on my first day, I had to compile Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions for various URLs for one of our client’s websites. After taking some time to calm myself down and not freak out with this new lingo floating around me, I went on and completed my first set of titles and descriptions. Fun fact: did you know titles are set to pixels rather than character count? That’s something not many people know but I learnt very quickly. Every day I am introduced to new clients, profiles and SEO terminology, which help strengthen my digital marketing experience.

From there it was pretty smooth sailing – I think being thrown in the deep end was extremely beneficial as it made the subsequent tasks less daunting. Having Andre Buxey (Senior SEO Strategist) as a mentor has also been a great help due to his extensive knowledge, crazy personality and fun nature. There’s really never a dull moment in the agency with him around! Perhaps my favourite part of my time here so far is the fact that I’m being exposed to international brands on a digital scale, which helps broaden my knowledge of digital marketing in order to make me an asset to the SEO team.

Becoming One of the Data Fairies 

After spending my first 2 weeks purely in SEO, I had the opportunity to split my time between SEO and Digital Analytics. I was super excited about this as I’ve always been someone who likes numbers and graphs and I believe that I have quite an analytical mind. I was also very excited to be working with Vicky Smith and Julia Bastian as they always appeared to be doing interesting work and I was desperate to become one of the ‘data fairies’.

Synergize Data Fairies

Julia and I, two out of the three Data Fairies at work. 

My first task was to do some research and become fully acquainted with all things analytics. I did some Google Analytics research and this Moz blog article was a great help. The first project I worked on was a YouTube Analytics report, which was incredibly interesting and quite different from Google Analytics. YouTube Analytics investigates how a brand’s YouTube channel is performing, and can even look at each individual video or categories of videos. Information such as the demographics of users, geographical location and number of views can be found if your detective work is good enough! I also worked on Google Analytics and I am currently studying via the Google Analytics Academy so that I can earn a Google Analytics certificate.

Google Analytics metrics

An example of metrics that can be obtained from Google Analytics.

My time so far as an SEO and Analytics Intern has been filled with knowledge, learning and investigation. I look forward to continuing to learn new things and to absorb as much knowledge as I can from the team of wonderfully talented individuals at Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize.

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