Social media analytics: The numbers game

Social media has become an integral part of marketing and understanding consumer behavior. It helps reach consumers who have become numb to traditional advertising, and could help drive business strategies – if done correctly. That’s where analytic reports step in.


social media analytics

What is analytic reporting?

Social media analytic reports help brands gain insight into established and emerging markets through consumer behavior. It provides greater insights to top-level findings and assists with business decision-making.


Why is it important?

Depending on what analytic tools brands use and what their ultimate brand goals are, a few ways analytic reports can benefit brands are:

  • Niche targeting
  • Consumer insights
  • Market research
  • Online competitor analysis
  • Brand auditing.

To get the most out of a brand’s online presence, and get a measurable social media ROI, analytic reports are crucial to a brand’s social media mix.


How often should reports be conducted?

It is advisable that analytic reports be done in weekly, monthly or campaign-specific time frames depending on brand objectives.


What platforms should brands use?

Various methods and tools can be used to draw up reports, but it depends on a few variables like brand goals, budget, staffing resources and the need to expand into digital. Brands can outsource reporting to digital agencies, use social media analytic tools or do it in-house. For unbiased analysis, it’s advisable to outsource analytic reporting.


Effective and thorough analytic reports could provide meaningful insights that otherwise may not have been made available to brands. To get the most out of your social media online brand experience, and help create and maintain evangelist Lovemarks – analytic reports could just be the answer.



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