Ten people you need to follow on Twitter

With so many celebrities, musicians, CEO’s, sportsmen and tourism/nature pages on Twitter, which should you follow? Well, here are our ten top Twitter users we think you absolutely need to keep your eye on.


Jimmy Fallon – @JimmyFallon

Host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, has been keeping millions of fans in stitches both on the show and on Twitter. An absolute MUST follow.

Jimmy Fallon

Trevor Noah – @Trevornoah

Trevor Noah, the new host of The Daily Show, is already causing some controversy in his new found home, America, mainly because of some of his older Tweets. Nonetheless, he is absolutely hysterical on Twitter and someone who deserves a follow.

Trevor Noah daily Show


Jared Leto – @JaredLeto

Leader of alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars and Oscar award-winner, Mr. Leto shares both inspirational quotes and funny photos of himself online.

Jared Leto

Taylor Swift – @Taylorswift13

She’s a trendsetter, go-getter, and total badass at just 25 years old. Taylor has the world at her feet and is absolutely unstoppable at the moment.

Taylor Swift


National Geographic – @NatGeo

Amazing photos, articles and facts about nature, animals and places around the world…what more could you ask for, especially if you’re a keen nature enthusiast?

National Geographic

Sho’t Left – @ShotLeft

Everyone needs a bit of humbling sometimes and that is exactly what this Twitter page does. It shares images and videos of destinations and various activities around South Africa that will leave you speechless and thanking your lucky stars that you get to call this incredible place home.

Sho 't Left


Tiger Woods – @TigerWoods

From troubles in his personal life, to becoming world number one again only for a back injury to put him down to world number 195, Tiger Woods is a legend. Tiger posts about his personal life, his foundation and, of course, the sport on which he has left a lasting mark since he first burst onto the scene at just 19 years of age.

Tiger Woods

Cristiano Ronaldo – @Cristiano

Humble, a family man and, arguably, the best footballer on earth, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (or simply just Cristiano Ronaldo) is a must follow. Sharing pics and info about his personal life, games and the various brands he endorses, CR7 is pure class both on the pitch and Twitter.

Cristiano Ronaldo

CEO’s past and present

Elon Musk – @elonmusk

CEO of Tesla Motors, visionary and ex-South African: Elon Musk offers followers a window into his world of fossil fuels, high-powered companies, and sometimes, even rockets. This is all finished off with snippets from his personal life.

Elon Musk

Steve Wozniak – @Stevewoz

“The Woz!” Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, is quite an active Twitter user (surprisingly). He mainly Tweets about his personal life, gadgets and is known to throw a joke or two into the mix every now and then.

Steve Wozniak

In life and on social media, we should always try and stand out from the crowd – and this is exactly what these individuals and their Twitter profile pages do very well.

Written and complied by Erin Hartogh

Twitter: @Erin_Hartogh12


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