The Community Manager and a 24/7 job

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Having a social media presence has become an indispensable part of modern business. And like having engaging content is crucial, so is engagement – two-ways.


When consumers can log onto your channels at any time of the day that availability also means being available to answer their urgent demands with immediacy 24/7. Right? Realistically, we’d like to say ‘yes,’ but what is the probability of this really happening?


Giving Community Managers the responsibility of customer care 24/7 means their 9-5 has become a 0-infinity. The *average post engagement rate of South Africans – a statistic released by socialbakers in their March 2014 Social Marketing Report: South Africa Regional – is 0.24%. While this might seem low, it takes just one rash comment to turn your brand – a Lovemarks in many people’s eyes – into a PR crisis that goes viral. Can anyone say FNB guy?


To manage what goes on online and to help deal with green, yellow and red flag situations consider using a social media analytics and listening tool that will help deal with online situations. Enter the Saatchi Synergize ORM tool.

Social Media ORM Tool

Social Media ORM Tool


It helps identify and analyse conversations about your company, products and competitors, and it routes important insights to sales, customer service, PR and community managers for outreach and engagement. Here’s how:


Social brand monitoring

It helps you understand conversations that matter most to help monitor and measure online buzz. By doing this you can understand trends, gain insights into what your consumers want and value and measure the outcome of campaigns.


Community engagement

It helps you know what your community is talking about and when and where you should pitch in. It enables you to get to know brand ambassadors, establish relationships with loyal fans and bridge the gap between employees and fans.


Social customer care

It helps you improve customer care by managing attrition and call volumes. You’ll be able to shift your focus to addressing critical and important queries instead of investing your time in neutral fly-by comments.


Social sales and lead generation

Identify sales leads, intercept conversations with competitors and understand what drives online conversations with your consumers.


Tip of the day:

Ask your ORM provider if they are able to set up crises alerts that are sent to a set of email addresses or even mobile numbers. This may be as easy as setting up rules in the backend such as requesting a notification when your brand is mentioned multiple times within a defined period of time.


Hang tight till next week where we’ll look at how social media data can be used to inform business strategy and improve on business results.


*Average post engagement rate: Calculated as the average number of likes, comments and shares per post on a given day, divided by the total number of fans for the page.

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