Top ten cutest hugs of all time

Today is International Hug Day apparently, so it’s time to share some love and give your friends and family a big growly bear hug 😉 Hugs are great. Everybody loves hugs. They make you feel appreciated and special. Here are ten of the CUTEST HUGS EVER to get you in the hugging mood.

1. Panda hugs! Because… pandas :)

Panda hug

2. Sloth hugs – it takes them so long to get to each other and actually hug, you have to admire their dedication.

Sloth hugAlso this…

Sloth hug

3. Koala hugs – look at the mumsy koala’s face – that’s a lot of love! The squashed koala cub doesn’t look quite as into it though. 😛

Koala hugs

4. Baby elephant hugs – these little giants are just too cute!

Elephant hug

5. Owl hugs – because owls are my favourite.

Owl hug


6. Polar bear hugs – I know there’s a recurring bear theme, but it is called the ‘bear hug!’


7. Penguin and seal hugs – because penguins and seals can be besties too.



8. Puppy and boy hugs – because this is the purest kind of love there is.


9. Couple hugs – because you can see her smile in her eyes and toes.

Couple hugging

10. Puppy and kitten hugs – Awwwww :)

Kitten and puppy hug

Right, is your cuteness quota reached for the day? You’re welcome :) Now go forth and hug someone!



Images from: AllaboutIndia, Flickr, Onehugaday, 1Funny, tehcute, walltor and

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