Top ten geeky Christmas gifts for the nerd in your life

You have a spiderman onesie in your closet, a Darth Vader mask on your desk and multiple books on coding on your bookshelf. Your nerd has invaded your space and your heart (corny I know) and you want to reward his/her  endearing geekyness with the perfect gift. You’ve done the Light Sabre thing and you gave him/her a book on Higgs Boson Particle jokes last Christmas (A Higgs Boson and a quark walk into the bar at CERN. The barman says “oh, smashing.”), so this year you’re a bit stuck. It’s hard to top the book of world famous maths equations you spoilt him/her with for Valentines Day.

As I work with a team of gorgeous geeks I’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat and immerse myself in their weird ways. Like Jane Goodall, I’ve been living among them for some time which I think qualifies me as somewhat of an expert, enabling me to write this post with finesse and understanding.

Here are my top ten recommendations for geeky gifts this Christmas:

1. Twerking Miley Einstein (Oh humanity, what have you come to?)

Described by ‘This is why I’m broke’ as the complete package of beauty and brains, this frightening figurine is bound to delight any geek with an interest in pop culture (does such a person exist?) and an ironic appreciation for the trivial things that amuse us lesser mortals. Einstein would turn in his grave. Although they both seem to have a penchant for sticking their tongues out – that’s about where the similarities end.

Geeky gifts

2. The ring to end all rings…

If you can’t find him the ‘One Ring’ then get him the Iron Man Arc Reactor Ring instead! Bound to be a hit with your nerd, this must-have Marvel accessory is the real deal with a hardcore metallic finish in the traditional Iron Man Colours. Be the ultimate Avenger…

Geeky gifts

3. If you’re dating a mathematical genius who has read Fermat’s Last Theorem five times:

Then invest in this super-stylish mathematical equations watch which shows equations that you have to solve to know the time! Hours of fun.

Geeky gifts

4. The Joker Talking Wacky Wobbler

A techie Bobble-head – you can get Batman too and make them fight each other!

Geeky gifts

5. A modern polaroid printer (well sort of)

Now THIS is a cool gadget (please someone buy it for me) for any aspiring photographer/ nerd. “Transform any digital image into a real, unique analogue instant photo via your iPhone or iPod touch.” Select your pic, place it on the Instant Lab and Bob’s your uncle – you have a photo ready to put in your scrapbook in seconds!

Geeky gifts

6. For nerdy cat ladies

If you have a delightfully nerdy cat lady in your life, this is what you need to get her: a Super Mario Cat Complex! Her kitty will be grateful as well :)

Geeky gifts

7. Superhero soap

An updated version of an old favourite: Soap on a Rope. Your geek might not look like Superman but he’ll smell like him.

8. Flower Power

Perfect for any wannabe Captain Planet with a mobile phone. The flower has a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium Lithion battery (just the name will probably get your nerd’s heart racing) which produces sufficient power to charge an MP3 player or phone. It has a USB output and mini USB input.

Geeky gifts

9. For the nerd that loves to bake

If you have a geek with a penchant for cooking and a love of Star Wars then we’ve solved all your Christmas present dilemmas… presenting Star Wars Vehicles Cookie Cutters! Never before have biscuits been this exciting. “The force is strong with this one.”

Geeky gifts

10. A bacon mobius strip

For the bacon and mobius strip loving nerds out there – a never-ending strip of bacon! You’re welcome.

Geeky gifts


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