Words, Glorious Words!


It’s no secret that I am an absolute logophile. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a lover of words. Words have always fascinated me: their origins, their power, their ability (and in some cases, inability) to capture thoughts and feelings. So it’s no wonder then my day job involves working with words and finding the most expressive and creative ways to make them work for my clients. Crafting quality content is often about word manipulation and moulding them in a way that works for you – and ultimately gets your desired message, tone and feeling across to the reader. I find myself being continuously surprised by language and words as I continue to come across new, interesting and inspiring ones everyday, many of which I never even knew existed. Whilst English is my first language (and the only one I can speak fluently), it never ceases to amaze me how many weird and wonderful words there are floating around out there, particularly in other languages. Here’s my list of some keepers you’ll be hard pressed not to add to your vocabulary.

DUENDE (doo-en-day) – Spanish

The ability to attract others through personal magnetism or charm

Because this wondrous skill needs a name.

CAFUNÉ (ka-foo-nay) – Portuguese

Running your fingers through your lover’s hair

Don’t say you hadn’t hoped for a word for that!

UHTCEARE (oot-key-are-a) – Old English

Lying awake before dawn and worrying

Something to which mothers of teenagers are particularly accustomed…

MERAKI (murr-ahh-key) – Greek

To do something with soul, creativity or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work

Yes, us advertising folk experience this regularly.

PETRICHOR (pe-tre-kor) – Greek

The pleasant, earthy smell after the rain

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Rainbow mountain

FARD (fahrd) – French/German

To paint the face with cosmetics

Things will never be the same the next time I apply makeup.

LACUNA (luh-kyoo-nee) – Latin

A non-English word that describes something for which there is no English word

There’s a word for that?!?!

KUIDAORE (kwee-doray) – Japanese

To eat yourself into bankruptcy

Guilty. #sorrynotsorry

Right, so now that I’ve filled your heads with some pretty fantastic words, I’m off to indulge in some serious shemomedjamo (look that one up!)


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