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Forget trying to become famous in the most extreme ways possible – insert Red Bull Stratos insert Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise insert Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMA. What you need is a good package – like a camera, something to say, and a YouTube account. Here’s how.

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It’s all about the swagger – captivate your audience

When making a video – check your swagger. Many viewers decide whether they’ll keep watching within the first few seconds. Keep them latched onto your every shot.
• Create a captivating opening scene
• Talk to your audience – tell them what they’re watching
• Aim to keep branding to less than five seconds.

Let them get right in there – organise your content

You want viewers to not only stumble across, but also to subscribe to your channel. So let them have a little hang time and browse your content. If they like what they see, they’re more likely to subscribe.
• Write compelling titles
• Ensure descriptions leverage your video-content
• Master metadata information to help build views.

Make it look sexy

Consider the overall layout of your YouTube channel and the visual, aesthetic, value. Make your mark with a thought-through cover, thumbnails that pop and playlists (playlists increase watch time).

It’s like dominatrix – you tell them to

Many viewers won’t act on something unless you tell them to. Boost engagement or die.
• Ask them to subscribe
• Direct viewers to your next video, your website, other platforms, etc.
• Ask viewers to like or share your video without letting it feel forced
• Ask for open comments to boost engagement.

Tent-pole programming

It’s not what you think. Tent-pole events are things that focus on relevancy, audience interest and trends. Things that make programming more fun – think Discovery Channel Shark Week. Make your tent-pole programming relevant to your audience and see your channel grow.

Know what makes them come and go

Analytics are the pulse of your channel. If you understand your audience and know how they interact, it will empower you to create better content. It’s never too early, or too late, to start.

Who knows, pressing the right buttons might be a few subscriptions away. Fame and fortune, here I come.

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