YouTube Advertising & Earned Engagement

If you’ve used Google Adwords for video and run targeted campaigns on YouTube, you’ll be well acquainted with TrueView ad units. The ‘5 second skip’ pre-roll ad, sponsored content on YouTube search results and alongside other relevant videos are all TrueView ads that promote video content on YouTube, providing cost effective reach to targeted people choosing to engage with video ads.

In video ad reports, you’d be able to analyse the usual online marketing metrics such as: impressions, views, view rate, clicks to website and percentage of video viewed, to name a few. We know the viewers experience with the brand doesn’t have to end there, a metric known as ‘follow-on’ actions is available to see if people viewed more videos after watching the video ad (follow-on actions would be free, bonus or earned). A new AdWords update now segments these additional brand engagements even further and provides more data to see the natural effectiveness of your YouTube advertising campaigns.

study suggests that 3 out of 4 YouTube users agree, “if there is a brand I love, I tend to tell everyone about it”, so positive earned media is vital to organically increase reach and brand awareness, and being able to track this is very powerful for marketers. “I always skip those ads” is something I often hear, but there is an interesting thought behind this; when watching TV, there is no choice but to either watch or ignore the ads, on YouTube you can skip the ad or choose which ads to watch. A conscious decision is made to skip a YouTube ad and therefore the ad-recall is said to be 34% higher than TV. If this is the case, one would think the first 5 seconds should definitely include branding, however curiosity drives the majority of viewers to continue watching, so test your video strategies, build granular targets, segment ad types, remember YouTube remarketing, use impression capping on In-Stream ads and apply unique bidding strategies to get the best results. A look at some of the new earned metrics:


Google says that over 6 months, 6000 campaigns generated at least 1 earned view as a results of every 2 paid views. I’ve checked my South African accounts and the new columns are available in all of them. It’s now possible to prove earned media on YouTube as a result of YouTube advertising. Whether your goal is to build communities, increase brand awareness or aimed at direct response, Google AdWords for video advertising will get your videos seen by relevant and engaging audiences.


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