YouTube Inspiration, by Annie Kolatsis

If I had a dollar for every minute I have spent watching YouTube videos, I would be able to retire to a cushy little house on Lake Como and sip on Mojitos for the rest of my days. While my cash cow has yet to materialize, I have found some pretty terrific content along the way. In between the Honest Trailers and countless renditions of “Let It Go”, lie some of what are now my favourite go-to videos when I’m in need of a motivational upheaval. Here are five that definitely deserve some of your time:

Sarah Kay – If I should have a daughter

A friend recently pointed me in the direction of Sarah Kay, a spoken word poet from the United States. Here, she tells us the advice that she would give her future daughter about knowing the world and being prepared for what it can throw at you.

Nike – Rise & Shine

The first few seconds of this video hit really close to home and I would be shocked to find someone who hasn’t been in that position at least once. The words, coupled with the movie-style voice over, should get your adrenalin pumping and ready to take on the day.

Steve Jobs – The Big Life Lessons

The message in this video is simple and straightforward – don’t hold back on your life. Jobs, like many others, urges us to follow our hearts and stop wasting time by not chasing our dreams. Cue the warm and fuzzies.

Dr Seuss – Oh the places you’ll go!

Filmed at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, this rendition of Dr Suess’s poem is filled with the perfect amount of whimsy and magic that would convince any cynic that life is filled with countless possibilities – you just have to pursue them.

Al Pacino – Any given Sunday

It’s the classic locker room inspiration speech but it does just as well when applied to any situation. Pacino highlights the importance of a killer resolve when facing tough battles and rallying those around you to do the same.

It’s amazing how the right words can turn a mood around. So next time that little grey cloud is tapping on your shoulder, or you need that extra little push to get through the day, pull out this handy stash of videos and enjoy.

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