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The best cases of client return in social media have never been about pretty pictures and quirky lines, but instead because a brand’s conversation connected to its followers by posting content that was in every way remarkable. Remarkable in that each of its posts were: informative, entertaining and relevant. Content strategies – and content marketing – are not achieved by sporadic great ideas, but instead systematically through crafting strategies that are true to the brand and well, hot.

The art of conversation is not a science, and that is why we rely on both listening for customer insights through ORM tools and utilising our renowned in-house analytics tool IRMA. Both of these tools allow us to measure, decide and execute effective campaigns that are tailored and delivered to specific consumers and audiences. It is this unique advantage that allows us to deliver on our value proposition: BIGLoveBIGData.


A report on South Africa’s 2014 social media landscape by World Wide Worx and Fuseware illustrates the exponential growth of social media in this country – a trend that is consistently on the rise. Facebook is currently the biggest social media network in SA with 9.4 million users. MXit is the second largest social media platform and most popular messaging channel with 6 million users. Twitter shows the highest percentage growth with a 129% increase in users in 12 months. Interestingly, 87% of Facebook users and 85% of Twitter users access these tools via their phones, demonstrating the importance of mobile in this market.

Photo sharing channels are also experiencing impressive growth, with Instagram having gone from under 100,000 users to in excess of 680,000 in a year. 91% of the corporate entities involved in the survey agreed that social media can add value to a business, but only 19% indicated that they were using social to its optimal potential. This is indicative of the fact that people are still learning to use these communication tools effectively, demonstrating the opportunity for businesses to gain an early lead and followership via these channels.

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