Web Design & CMS Development

Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize has a specialised team of in-house designers on hand to create beautiful, functional designs which communicate your brand’s vision in a seamless and engaging fashion. Our in-depth understanding of your company and target market will translate into a platform that configures your brand’s essence, while also expanding your presence and reach online. Humans process 90% of information visually, meaning the design and UX functionality of your site is key. We also design customised CMS platforms and responsive sites that display optimally across multiple platforms. Our team of front-end and back-end developers are highly skilled, having developed multiple world-class sites.

We create websites that use the latest technologies to build for the future so that our clients stay ahead of emerging trends.

Custom WordPress:
Founded as a blogging platform, WordPress now facilitates over 60 million state-of-the-art websites.

We do custom WordPress sites, enabling us to steer away from the conventional themes that most companies purchase and edit. In this way, we develop tailor-made solutions for any business. Examples of our work can be found in the Sotheby’s, GoRhino, Greeff and Shimansky websites.

The future of beautiful front-end comes from something called HTML5. It’s the fifth version of HTML which is the mark-up language used to present content on the internet.

Our HTML is compliant with both mobile devices and the latest browsers, but remains backward compatible to enable older browsers to still receive the site’s total offerings.

Responsive Websites:
Responsive web design facilitates the creation of websites that are optimised for devices of any screen size or resolution. To achieve a responsive website we build using Fluid, CSS3 media queries and flexible images so that our creation looks great on devices of various shapes and sizes.

Custom CMS:
We also create custom CMS platforms for clients that need a specifically tailored solution for a website or web-based system. We are able to tie the CMS into various API’s or POS systems.
Having a custom CMS provides our clients with a powerful tool that could pull in inventory items, POS systems, data from various API’s etc., which can steer a business ahead of the trend.


In 2012, e-commerce topped $1 trillion with a growth rate of 18.3%.
We specialise in creating superlative ecommerce websites which facilitate conversion from landing on the website to the point of payment in checkout.

The sites are built using popular platforms such as Magento, WordPress or a custom PHP. There is a comprehensive back-end that allows our clients to stock items, control availability, create featured items, etc.

Mobile applications:

50% of mobile phone users employ mobile as their primary internet source.
We generate both hybrid mobile development as well as native developments for the more high-end applications required.

We create for IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile. We have the capabilities to create apps using native features such as the gyroscope, accelerometer, built-in-camera, data storage on the device, device orientation, microphone, GPS, swipe navigation and so forth.

API integration:
We have the ability to assimilate websites with commonly used API’s; this gives the advantage of integrating the functionality and power of other technologies with your website.
Examples include: integrating a listings API for real estate, availability systems for accommodation, Google maps, Google calendars and so forth.

Social media integration:
We can integrate with social platform API’s such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Soundcloud, etc. to give your brand maximum visibility and reach online and aid content’s shareability.

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