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Phil the Legend

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Challenge: One in two men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). The lack of confidence experienced by these men prevents them from talking about it. Legally we weren’t allowed to communicate the product name in traditional media.

Idea: We created a character named Phil, who thanks to Dynafil has beaten ED to gain his confidence back – and then some. The message was communicated to consumers through a series of online video clips.

Videos were seeded online and together with YouTube pre-roll ads and Google search campaign, consumers were directed to YouTube and Phil’s personal website.

Because we could not legally display the product information on the microsite, users were ultimately directed to the product page on the Pharma Dynamic website.


Ultimately the strategic decision to run the campaign as an online video was driven by the following factors:

Most prominently, the agency wanted to ensure the target market could retain their anonymity. With the stigma around ED, the agency needed to help create an environment where they could comfortably find help.

Utilising YouTube meant that the agency could expose Phil to the target market through category-specific and targeted pre-roll adverts. There was no other platform that could sufficiently fulfil this desired function, while remaining compatible across mobile and desktop devices.

YouTube made sense to the client from a production budget perspective, as it promised that a large audience could be reached without the cost of screening Phil on traditional above-the-line media. In addition, above-the-line media lacks the ‘embed’ function exclusive to YouTube.

Results: Over the campaign’s three month duration, Phil received a total of 147 600 views while the Dynafil brand turned a profit of R1.5 million in its first month on the shelves.

The brand received R3 million in earned media and featured on national radio and blogs with an estimated combined viewership/listenership of close to 10 million.


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